an artistic depiction of a synthetic consciousness

Text to 3D, Robot TeleVision, and Neuralink Livestream | Live and Learn #46

This time with the release of a text to 3D generation model by Meta, a paper by MIT on how to train robots using the Apple Vision Pro, and the latest Neuralink Update. As always, I hope you enjoy this Edition of Live and Learn!

secret agents working on agi

SSI Inc, Situational Awareness, and Runway Gen3 | Live and Learn #45

This time with the announcement of Safe Superintelligence INC by Ilya Sutskever, an essay series on how AGI is going to happen soon, and what that means for the world, as well as the release of the Gen3 video generation model by RunwayML. As always, I hope you enjoy this Edition of Live and Learn!

the solar industrial revolution

More Video Models, WWDC and Computex | Live and Learn #44

This time with the WWDC keynote, more video models competing with OpenAIs Sora, the Nvidia keynote at Computex, a SpaceX launch, as well as an article by Casey Handmer on the solar industrial revolution. As always, I hope you enjoy this edition of Live and Learn!

probing a computer

Microsoft Build, AWS Summit and the Mind of LLMs | Live and Learn #43

This time with the Microsoft Build Keynote, updates from the AWS Summit, and an Anthropic paper on investigating the internal workings of their Claude Sonnet LLM. As always, I hope you enjoy this Edition of Live and Learn!

protein folding into a specific shape with colorful gradients and sparkles or glow effects

Google IO, GPT4-o and AlphaFold 3 | Live and Learn #42

This time with the GPT4-o announcement from OpenAI, everything that happened at Google I/O, and the release of the AlphaFold 3 model. As always, I hope you enjoy this Edition of Live and Learn!

chip reversible computing design

Astribot, Simulon, and Reversible Computation | Live and Learn #41

This time with a stationary humanoid-like robot, a deep dive into why nothing can grow on Mars, and a startup that is using AI and a custom drilling rig to find valuable mining sites. As always, I hope you enjoy this Edition of Live and Learn!

robot lama in the Andes

Starbase Update, Llama 3 and Faster Data Transfers | Live and Learn #40

This time with the release of Llama 3, a new way to transfer data over fiber optic cables, Coding Adventures into text rendering, and a Starbase update by SpaceX. As always I hope you enjoy!

AI generating music soundwaves flowing from the hardware

Stable Audio 2, Terraform Industries and Bigger Chips | Live and Learn #39

This time with updates on the release of Stable Audio 2, documentaries on Terraform Industries, more Neuralink Patient 1 updates, and more. As always I hope you enjoy!

neural network buzzing with activity

Nvidia GTC, Devin, and Neuralink | Live and Learn #38

This time with Nvidia's GTC keynote, an AI-powered software engineer called Devin, and insane Neuralink updates. Plus, a new generalist AI agent by DeepMind and a new video editing AI by Meta. It's been an insane two weeks in the world of technology again and this edition is packed with awesomeness.

a technological genie

Google's Genie, LLMs at home, and OS-Copilot | Live and Learn #37

This time with foundation models that can generate 2D video games, better humanoid robots, and a chatbot that does the work of 700 call center agents. Plus, a new article by NotBoring and a new framework for LLMs that can interact with and control the operating system of a computer.

a robot filming a movie

Open AI’s Sora, AI Sound Effects, and Gemini 1.5 | Live and Learn #36

This time with OpenAI and Elevenlabs changing the world of movie creation, how Google is opening access to some of their LLM models, and their Gemini 1.5 announcement. As always, I hope you enjoy this edition of Live and Learn.

virtual reality clothes

Robust Robotics, 3D Manipulation, and the Rise of Spatial Computing | Live and Learn #35

This time with reviews of the Apple Vision Pro, Diffusion Models that you can run on your phone, four-legged robots that can automatically avoid obstacles, and more advanced 3D content manipulation tools. As always I hope you enjoy this edition of Live and Learn.

a surreal scene of an AI dreaming of various symbols and images

Alpha Geometry, Morpheus 1 and AI Dubs | Live and Learn #34

This time Google has announced that their AI can solve mathematical olympiad problems, Prophetic AI is trying to induce lucid dreaming states with AI, and Javier Milei's speech went wild on the internet, with an AI dubbed version being even better. As always I hope that you enjoy this edition of Live and Learn.

an ai powered rabbit

Robotics, Rabbit R1, and the Beginning of the Post-Truth Era | Live and Learn #33

This time with crazy breakthroughs in the field of robotics, another LK-99-related possible superconductor, and people warning about the beginnings of the post-truth era, where deepfakes generated by AI are so easy to create it's not even funny anymore.

a photorealist render of a person with a brain reading machine

FunSearch, DeWave, and Music FX | Live and Learn #32

This time with a new approach to add mathematical reasoning to LLMs, a way of reading people's brain waves with only EEG data, and announcements of multiple models to generate audio and 3D content. As always I hope you enjoy.

a robotic arm

GNoME, Quantum Computing, and Google's Gemini | Live and Learn #31

Again, the last two weeks have been exploding in terms of announcements and awesome things that I have found. This edition is a wild mix: Robotic arms mimicking those of octopods, an essay about what it means to be human in the age of AI, crazy progress towards automated AI scientists, the interviews of the New York Book Deal Summit, the Gemini announcement and more...

a robot gardening a beautiful flower garden

AI Video Generation, ChipNeMo, and Real-Time Image Generation | Live and Learn #30

This time with several updates on AI Video Generation, a piece on how companies should think about AI adoption, Real-Time Image Generation by StabilityAI, and a summary of the ousting of Sam Altman from OpenAI, and much more… I hope you enjoy.

rapid technological progress

OpenAI Dev Day, Github Universe and Sam Altman leaving OpenAI | Live and Learn #29

The last weeks were an absolute bonanza in terms of things that happened in the world of AI. The Presidential Executive Order, OpenAIs Dev Day, the GitHub Universe conference, the SnapDragon Summit, an AI automatically creating valid legal contracts, Runways Gen-2 update, Lumas text to 3D model, xAi releasing Grok, and OpenAI firing Sam Altman.

a plant based computer

Talking Robots, Futurehouse and the Role of Computation & AI in Biotech | Live and Learn #28

This time with a company trying to build semi-autonomous AI researchers, a TED talk by Stephen Wolfram on Computation, AI, and the nature of the Universe, a talking robot tour guide by Boston Dynamics, a dataset designed to help algorithms learn emotional intelligence, and more. As always I hope you enjoy this edition of Live and Learn.

a solar punk skyline

Adobe Max, The Techno Optimist Manifesto and Nvidia's Eureka | Live and Learn #27

This one is absolutely packed because a lot has happened in the last 2 weeks. Adobe had its Max Conference, Nvidia is successfully training Robots within a simulation, and the biggest brain cell-type catalog has been released. And this is not even all… As always, I hope you enjoy this Edition of Live and Learn.

Humanity entering into the metaverse

Metaverse Interviews, GPT Improvements and Meta Connect | Live and Learn #26

This time with a lot of updates from Meta about the awesome things they have been building, some mindblowing announcements for ChatGPT, and an amazing podcast interview from my favorite, Lex Fridman. As always I hope you enjoy this edition of Live and Learn.

a young man getting lost listening to music colorful swirls smile universe

DALL·E 3, AlphaMissense and Improvements to Google Bard | Live and Learn #25

Lots of amazing stuff has been announced in the last two weeks: Better features for Google Bard, supreme music generation capabilities from Stability AI, and some serious improvements to image generation with DALL·E 3. As always I hope you enjoy this edition of Live and Learn.

a century

Fury AI Drones, ASML manufacturing, and Seamless Translation | Live and Learn #24

This time with a deep dive on how ASML has innovated in the chip market, a paper showing that LK-99 is not a superconductor after all, Metas seamless translation model, and much more.

A glowing door into the unknown

Brain2Music, Biosecurity Risks, and FlyWire: A Connectome of a Fruit Fly Brain | Live and Learn #23

This time with a paper decoding neural stimuli into music, some resources that dive into the risks that AI and other recent advances will bring to the world of biosecurity, a complete connectome of a fruit fly brain, and more. As always, I hope you enjoy this edition of Live and Learn.

cells as the architects of life

Room Temperature Superconductors, LLAMA2 and Single Photon Cameras | Live and Learn #22

This time it's a bit different because I've read less AI-related news than usual and instead found some interesting things related to biology and physics I wanted to share. As always, I hope you enjoy.


The AI Dilemma, RoboCat and How to do Great Work | Live and Learn #21

This time with a video explaining how harmful generative AI is going to be, a better way for AI to learn real-world tasks and an excellent article by Paul Graham.

A close-up of an old wizard in a bar

Joi, ChemCrow and the Economic Potential of Generative AI | Live and Learn #20

This time with a chatbot that can send erotic voice messages, an LLM that can synthesize chemical compounds, and an assessment of the economic potential of Generative AI.

design for a novel airplane

Nvidia Keynote, MusicLM, and Apple's Vision Pro | Live and Learn #19

This time with some mindblowing product demos of Nvidia and Apple, more multi-modal models, and an AI that can learn how to play Minecraft on its own.


Mind Reading, Senatorial Hearings and AI Image Editing | Live and Learn #18

I already reached the 100+ tabs bookmarked again this week. The speed of things developing is nuts, and I have no idea how to put this into words anymore. I sometimes would like to drop everything else I do and just pursue learning about these developments full-time. And even then it would feel hard to keep up to date. But that's why I write this newsletter…

majestic waterfall cascading into a clear turquoise pond

100k Token Contexts, AI Tutors and Google/IO | Live and Learn #17

This time it's one of those editions, where the amount of things that have happened recently is simply incomprehensible. I cut out so much that I would have liked to include in this edition… And still, this one grew beyond the 4-5 links that I try to set myself as a soft limit.

photo of a person in a hazmat suit standing in a cave with glowing mushrooms

Software², Superabundant Intelligence, and MiniGPT | Live and Learn #16

This time with an open source alternative to ChatGPT, an article about a paradigm that might lead closer to the realization of AGI, and a list of crazy things that people build on top of tools like AutoGPT and BabyAGI.

portal grown out of trees to another dimension mist

Planning for AGI, Code that Fixes Itself and SAM | Live and Learn #15

This time with a system named Wolverine that enables code to fix itself, an article describing the implications of a new paradigm called Software 3.0, and OpenAIs take on how they work towards creating AGI, while making sure that it's beneficial for as many people as possible.

a photo of a young man coding at a desk floating in space

GPT-plugins, signs of AGI, and an Open Letter | Live and Learn #14

With AI development picking up speed, it feels like new things are happening every day. I sometimes think that writing this newsletter only once every two weeks is not enough to catch up with all the awesome stuff that is happening. This edition will focus on AGI and the discussion that has ensued after ChatGPT Plugins and GPT-4 have been shown to the public.

cyberpunk spaceship art in the style of van gogh

Computational Languages, GPT-4 and Midjourney v5 | Live and Learn #13

This time with a moving speech by John Gardner, HustleGPT – one of the most exciting use cases of GPT-4 I've seen so far and some Life Hacks by Alexey Guzey.

desert dunes in a sandstorm

AI video animation, Sidney and Why Coding Won’t Exist Anymore | Live and Learn #12

This time with articles on how AI is making programmers obsolete, how it can help in creating animated video content, and even make people fall in love with it. All the content from this week has one thing in common: It sent shivers down my spine because it confronted me with the amount of progress that has been made in the last few years. I hope to pass this feeling on to you as well.

modern architecture glass windows sunset

Blurry JPGs, the Meaning Crisis, and Spectrograms | Live and Learn #11

This time with a bit of wisdom from Epicurus, an interesting essay about ChatGPT, a virtual tour of an MIT lab, and a video series about the meaning crisis and how to escape from it.

castle floating in space

Zeroth Principle Thinking, Simulators, and Joscha Bach | Live and Learn #10

This time with essays on how to shape the future, my favorite talk from Joscha Bach, and an article describing what makes ChatGPT different from an AI security perspective.

cell membrane proteins

Biotechnology, Democratizing AI and Spinoza | Live and Learn #9

This time with some bits and pieces on things happening at the intersection of biotech and AI, a video on Spinoza's philosophy, and an interview with Emad Mostaque, the founder of Stability AI.

an artificial tree made out of pieces of dna

Computational Selves, MinDVis and AI takeoff | Live and Learn #8

This time with wisdom from Eric Schmidt, a story of what AI takeoff might look like, and an awesome paper on a theory of computational selves.

a circular wave at sunset

3D in the Browser, Neurons in a Petri Dish, and the Beauty of Splines | Live and Learn #7

This time with a set of rules for life, work, and health, a paper on neurons living in a petri dish, a series of low-level networking tutorials, and more.

futuristic city, with lightning striking the skies

ChatGPT, Neuralink, and Advice Against Procrastination | Live and Learn #6

This time with a list of the best textbooks, an animated video of why everything will be very different in the future, and a new podcast notes section.

leaves with little, sparkling water droplets

Richard Feynman; Ambition and How Sound Works | Live and Learn #5

This time with booknotes on Sam Harris's book Lying, a timelapse on how Salamanders grow and some travel photos.

Tornado storm clouds with lighning strikes hovering over a field in the meadow

Collision Detection, Synthetic Biology and AI | Live and Learn #4

Portal door leading into the forest

Creativity, AlphaTensor and Motivation | Live and Learn #3

galaxy formation nebulae

Clippy, Resetting the Loop and Complexity | Live and Learn #2

mountain lake in the italian alps

Sketchplanations, AI and Armageddon | Live and Learn #1

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