Answering the Question: What am I doing right now?

I am currently in Berlin, at home, working for Ironhack as a "part-time web development lead teacher". This means that I teach people how to program to earn a living.

It also means that I only work for 12 hours a week and have the rest of my time free for working on personal projects.

When not working for Ironhack, I spend my time working on one of my 1-month projects. This month (November 2022) I am completing more book summaries for the booknotes (plan is to finish 40+) and traveling to Tenerife to escape the winter in Germany.

I also try to read a lot and you can find what I have read, some of it with notes at the /booknotes of this site.

Besides this, I regularly have long, drawn-out discussions with friends, play a lot of beach volleyball and go to Hell Night, a parkour-focused strength/endurance training in Berlin, every week.