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Controlling Your Dopamine For Motivation, Focus & Satisfaction

Huberman Lab – Episode 39 | Rating: 9/10

Dopamine comes in pulses. Having a lot of dopamine decreases the size of the next pulse. This leads to hedonic adaptation, the process of enjoying the same level of stimulation less and less over time until things are back to "baseline" levels. Dopamine is related to happiness, but even more to motivation. It's the substance that has to be released for action to occur.

Controlling Sugar Cravings and Metabolism with Science-Based Tools

Huberman Lab – Episode 64 | Rating: 8/10

Sugar controls craving for foods that contain it in two ways. The rise in blood sugar in the gut and stomach as well as the sweet taste. Both are heavily used by the food industry, since both make us consume more, stop eating later, feeling full later, and develop preferences towards the food that has more sugar "hidden" in it.

Maximizing Productivity, Physical and Mental Health with Daily Tools

Huberman Lab – Episode 28 | Rating: 9/10

How to build a daily routine, that is useful to do extremely productive work. While also maintaining perfect bodily and mental health. This episode focuses on the example of what Andrew Hubermans Routine looks like. But most of that is transferable and a lot can be taken from his routine. Experiment on your own though.

The Science of Making and Breaking Habits

Huberman Lab – Episode 53 | Rating: 7/10

Learning is neuroplasticity. Habits are determined by neuroplasticity. Context Dependence and Limbic Friction for habits should be low. That means they are behaviors you can do easily, anywhere, anytime. That's the goal. Setting the context of the brain is more important than anything else.

Michael Levin: Biology, Life, Aliens, Evolution, Embryogenesis & Xenobots

Lex Fridman Podcast – Episode 325 | Rating: 10/10

One of the most thought provoking conversations ever. The most mindblowing idea from it: Evolution forms complex multilevel hierarchies. Proteins, Cells, Tissues, Organs, Organisms, Ecosystems, Societies... Each level in the hierarchy has it's own set of goals, which are controlled from the level higher up, for the purpose of serving that higher level.

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