Bookcover - How to Travel the World on 50$ a Day

How to Travel the World on 50$ a Day

by Matt Kepnes

Rating: 4/10


This book is worth it if you don't yet know how to travel on a budget and still need that paradigm shift of: "Oh wait, you can travel the world while spending less money than what you would have spent when you stayed at home in Europe or the US"

If however, you have already acquired this mindset in some other way, by reading Matt Kepnes' awesome blog for example or by traveling yourself or maybe even by watching YouTube videos or whatever, you don't have to read this book. Most of the strategies in it, you will also get to know and pick up on the road yourself pretty quickly while out traveling. And quite a few things within it are very US-centric, especially the sections on travel hacking with US credit card rewards and similar things.

Overall it's a good book though.

It's just that I read it at the wrong time. Reducing its value, for me, greatly. Like all books, the value they have for you depends greatly on when you read them.

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