Bookcover - The Dragon's Egg

The Dragon's Egg

by Robert L. Forward

Rating: 9/10


In this book, humans plan and execute a scientific mission to a neutron star, where they discover, that on the planet of the neutron star exists a species of life. This species however, lives orders of magnitude faster than humans, and undergoes scientific progress at tremendous rates, within mere days they have discovered agriculture and soon they leap to the stars. A beautiful story of the contact between the two civilizations unfolds.

This sci-fi book tickled my brain. There are so many beautiful things in it and the ideas and creativity in it are simply extraordinary. Robert L. Forward has a knack of writing highly interesting science fiction novels, and this is one of them. It is part I out of II. The second novel Starquake is also highly recommended and worth reading, however I think the first one is slightly better overall.

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